Divine Maps, Sacred Stories: Cartography and History in Religious Imaginations

A Call for Papers

Religious maps and religious histories do not simply describe sacred times and spaces but, in some important sense, also produce them. This graduate student conference is dedicated to exploring the connections between religious actors, activities, institutions, artifacts, and environments that come to be through the imaginative processes of making maps and writing histories. How can we productively theorize the connection between map and territory, history and event, to advance the study of religion? What factors are at play in the sacralization of particular maps or histories? How have religious actors made creative use of maps and histories as tools of inclusion or exclusion?

Potential topics may include:

  • Borderlands, land claims, and other disputed territories
  • Terra Incognita, Utopia, ‘hidden’ religious kingdoms (e.g. Shangri-la, Prester John’s kingdom), and other imagined spaces
  • Prophecies, visions, and other historical imaginings of past and future
  • Scientific and sacred forms of knowledge
  • Inventing traditions
  • Pilgrimage, travel narratives, and travel as allegory 
  • Circulation and exchange of material culture and trade/gifts of sacred commodities
  • Celestial and other-worldly map-making (and this-worldly stakes)
  • Immigration, diaspora, homelands, and exile
  • And more…

Please submit paper proposals of 250 words maximum (along with author name, institutional affiliation, and course of study) to divinemapssacredstories@gmail.com or 2015symposium@gmail.com

Call for Papers

Conference or Publication
The 26th Annual Department for the Study of Religion Graduate Symposium at the University of Toronto
Proposal Deadline
Friday, January 16, 2015
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Conrad Grebel University College
Posted on 9 Jan 2015 - 11:58am