Mennonite Education: Past, Present, and Future

On the occasion of the publication of a new biography of Mennonite historian and educational pioneer C. Henry Smith, the C. Henry Smith Trustees, the Mennonite Historical Society and Bluffton University invite presentation proposals on a broad range of topics related to the past, present, and future of Mennonite education in all of its varied North American settings. The conference planning committee (Perry Bush, Bluffton University; Susan Collier, Bluffton University; Gerald Mast, Bluffton University; Elaine Moyer, Mennonite Education Agency; Valerie Rempel, Fresno Pacific University; and Janis Thiessen, University of Winnipeg) welcomes proposals for panels, workshops and presentations from teachers, researchers, administrators, staff, students and anyone else who is invested in Mennonite education both within and beyond Mennonite educational institutions. Perspectives from all relevant disciplines, including history, sociology, theology, biblical studies, philosophy, ethics, literature, psychology, communication, media studies, musicology, business, peace and conflict studies, education, athletics and social work are welcome.

Sample topics include:

  • The roots, visions and beginnings of Mennonite educational enterprises
  • Various crises faced by Mennonite educational institutions such as depression era economics and the fundamentalist/modernist conflict;
  • Distinctive cultures and practices at educational institutions, the impact of Anabaptist history and theology
  • The interpretation and teaching of the Bible
  • The place of peacemaking and peace studies
  • Distributed and non-traditional forms of learning;
  • Student life and culture;
  • The role of cross-cultural education
  • The place of athletics at Mennonite schools,
  • Anti-racism struggles, challenges faced by women, LGBTQ advocacy, enduring Mennonite educational practices and virtues
  • Impacts of technology

Please send inquiries and proposals to Gerald Mast.

Call for Papers

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Bluffton University
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Friday, May 15, 2015
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Conrad Grebel University College
Posted on 8 Jan 2015 - 1:39pm