The Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network exists to foster networking among scholars who identify themselves as either "Anabaptist" or "Mennonite".

With over 300 members, the Network includes professors, graduate students,pastors, church agency employees and others primarily in the fields of theology, Bible, church history and religious studies but also in humanities, professional disciplines, social and natural sciences.


  • The Anabaptist-Mennonite notion of "hermeneutic community" supports the need for theological conversations both between scholars and between scholars and the broader church.
  • Informal networking between scholars often leaves out those not working within Mennonite institutions or living outside of communities with a Mennonite church, or who are minorities within our churches.
  • The larger church needs an accessible resource listing of scholars.
  • Mentors and advisors are needed for younger scholars who desire this contact


  • Maintain a database of members. All members are required to fill out a Scholar Information Form which includes education, interests, publications, etc. The database is maintained by the Network and questions regarding its use should be directed to the address below. Some members have agreed to make some of their information available to other members on the web.
  • Publish two newsletters per year. Newsletters include discussion and brief essays, announcements of upcoming conferences, job openings, publication notes.
  • Organize occasional events. (Note: the hosting of the annual Mennonite Scholars and Friends reception and forum at the AAR/SBL is done jointly by the Institute of Mennonite Studies and the Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre.)
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